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dirtygreenink. featured creator and co-founder.
Streamer. Comedian. Editor. XOXO.


Do you have mommy issues? Do huge goth girl milkers give you side effects such as increased heart rate, perspiration, panting, old-timey car horn sound effect and impulsive howling at the moon? Well then, 9/10 doctors recommend you DO NOT subscribe to this page. (the 10th disappeared to the bathroom and still hasn't come out RIP)

I do solo and couple videos with my partner. We upload new content daily with a new video once a week. Subscribe to both so you don't miss any of the action!

Custom content is available on my menu. Come tell me what to do, chat or play with me. Hurry, I'm bored and I hate being bored.

Custom Content  Menu

purple cotton candy sky.jpg
purple cotton candy sky.jpg

Custom XOXO Order Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form.


Payment is for base video only.

Creators always have the right to deny requests,

full refunds available upon non-delivery or denial. of service

$5 surcharge per added request will be charged upon delivery.

dirtygreenink. LLC is not liable for transactions with 3rd party services.

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